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19 January 2012

Bookmarklet for reading Android documentation in full screen

Who likes frames? Google does. At least on the Android documentation site. I am not saying that frames are necessarily evil. There are indeed cases when they are justified, especially when it comes to documentation. Nonetheless, while reading the Android development docs I wish I had the option to collapse the top and left navigation bars.

Luckily, the left navigation panel can be re-sized by dragging the vertical border separator, but there is no way to easily get rid of the top navigation bar.

The simplest solution that came to mind was to create a bookmarklet which will reformat the page in a single click.

To use the bookmarklet, click and drag the link below to the Bookmarks (Favorites) bar in your browser.

Now, whenever you are browsing a page at http://developer.android.com you can expand the documentation pane to take the full screen, by clicking the bookmark in your Bookmarks bar, or select the corresponding item in your Bookmarks/Favorites menu.

Comments and feedback are also welcome at https://gist.github.com/1640238

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